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29 Oct 11 Warringah MJ Refuse SL (Collecting Bottles)

I caught this truck on a Friday morning in the units collecting the bottle bins. There were three of these trucks in my council when Veolia ran the show. Big thanks to the driver, funny how he let that one 240L fly! =]
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Reader's Comments

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    this truck looks like the Kuringgai one lol

  2. |

    oh i thought that it looks rather early lol

  3. |

    The day I got this I would’ve considered a late day to now.

  4. |

    how early did you have to get up lol+ nice shots lol thanks mitch!!!!!

  5. |

    They run it in Los Angeles to.weird

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    feels that way because he doesn’t really go that far towards the curb before that.. i confess.. i did that too to someone who cycled past my codriver whilst he sayd “please stop” nearly landed him in the pond as he evaded my projectile.. i’m pretty sure he wont do it again :-)

  7. |

    Maybe he was trying to chuck it at me! :)

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    Glad to see there’s other experts around as well.. personally i wouldhave been a bit more carefull around other ppls cars.. allthough in the end he hardly touched it. @2.09 you’ve encountered an attack m8.. bin coming your way! IMO it’s intentional for getting too close.

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    Veolia indeed.. they run the buscompany over here.. guess they went global.. lol.

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    wipe out = 2:26

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    GOOD TO HEAR!! 😀

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    In L.A. They also pop the bin back up when it falls.

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    LOVE seeing that guy just pop the bin back up at 1:56!! I literally said WHOA!! out loud when I saw that! Very fast and efficient driver, love the fast pace on this video as well as the successful sound of glass falling into the truck!!

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    It’s an MJE too! Units are always collected by the MJEs and sometimes the Single Pass for recycling! I’ll try to get some shots of the paper or garbage this Wednesday!

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    koool, aiyo do u got vids of tha paper collection truck(blu lid bin)??

  16. |

    THANKS!! I’ve got a bit more footage of this truck from last Wednesday… but is in the shade a bit! More to come this Wednesday!

  17. |

    Don’t even need to let it discharge for a few secs!

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    glass and plastics fall out of bins really fast!!

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    EXCELLENT vid Mitch love the truck. The guy is a pro with the arm he popped the bin right back up and he collect’s the bins so fast,what about that one when the water came out of the bin.GREAT VID try and get more.

  20. |

    Nah, as far as I know, they’ve got practically every type of body in the fleet! Superior Paks, MJEs and Compaction Systems are obviously definites!

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    i thought VES(Veolia Environmental Services) only relied on Superior Pak for their garbage compactors, or unless that truck is a spare

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    One of those moments! I loved it!

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    There’s a FG replica of one… very nice trucks! Love to see a vid of it!

  24. |

    He was talking about a vid of a Cleanaway HEIL BB mixing mixed waste and recycling in the one truck…

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    Yer, wondered why when you type in “cleanaway” under the UK URL it comes up with VEOLIA! What truck does he driver? Or is he management?