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15 Nov 11 Wingnut Dishwashers – Union Do you wanna go to party town – Wingnut Dishwashers Union Do you wanna go to party town-Wingnut Dishwashers Union
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Onehuman punk rock band; sprawling orchestral madness; pragmatic anarchist; hopeless nihilist…It all depends on what day you catch him. His name is Pat The Bunny. He writes these songs and goes on tour playing them all over the world for much of the year, but southern Vermont is his home. There is a new full band, full length album out entitled BURN THE EARTH! LEAVE IT BEHIND! As of a December 6th, 2009 update on the official site, He states “I have entered a year long treatment program for addiction. During this time I will not be able to send or receive mail. I’m sorry to people who ordered things and did not get them. It’s very unclear whether I will keep playing punk rock music when that period of time is over. I wish that I knew more, but nothing is certain right now. Thank you for liking songs that I wrote, and helping me not feel so alone a lot of the time.”

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    no ill we need in life is mor beer n weed to stay happy

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    @LemurDeCatta He’s back, he’s in a new band called Ramshackle Glory they play a new version of this with a lot more lyrics and it’s 10000000000 times better, and i still love this version. So thats how amazing it is

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    He went to Pasadena and probably other places around here, but he is in rehab till December, and i dont know if he will play after that

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    is pat comin to california soon

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    TY 😀

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    Hahah thanks subscribed

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    album -never trust a man who plays guitar

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    what album is this off?