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14 Nov 11 wingnut dishwashers union ~ do you wanna go to party town?

Onehuman punk rock band; sprawling orchestral madness; pragmatic anarchist; hopeless nihilistIt all depends on what day you catch him. His name is Pat The Bunny. He writes these songs and goes on tour playing them all over the world for much of the year, but southern Vermont is his home.

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Reader's Comments

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    This is a demo of “From here till Utopia” for you newbies:)

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    em, b, is the intro and the next part is em d b. then c em b em c em b. then em g a b then back to c em b em c em b

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    @misfits319 agreed.

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    Does anybody have chords to this song? :O

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    @aidscheckup9000 its sad there should be more

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    @justinnakedbanker Only! haha (:

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