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13 Nov 11 Wingnut Dishwashers Union Live Jesus does the dishes Wingnut Dishwashers Union Live Jesus does the dishes Live somewhere?I like i hope you like it :P…

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    Atheism simply implies lack of belief, to be absent of theism (A-Theism) just like anarchism implies absence of hierarchy, it doesn’t imply anyone knows or cares but simply that they don’t believe.

    So when pat says he doesn’t believe in god he really is an atheist.

    Explanation aside this is one of all time favorite songs to listen to whenever I get down and still remember the first time I really felt this song.

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    i trust pat. and quite honeslty, everyone else can fuck themselves.

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    I consider myself an Agnostic/Secular Humanist. I know by the time I leave this earth I’ll probably never know what’s really going on but that’s not all life is about.

    Open your mind. Athiests don’t have the fucking answers. No one does.
    Like I said. Anyone that claims they do is probably lookin’ to screw you over in one way or another.
    [Apologies for all the comments, Youtube’s comment restrictions kinda blow]

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    @OpakeArawra2 I don’t trust anyone that claims they have all the right answers, and It’s not really going to put much of a damper on my day,life, or philosophy that some random, cocksure anonymous person on the internet wants to call me a pansy because I like to look at the big questions and ‘available’ answers with skepticism, curiosity, and humbled intrigue.

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    @OpakeArawra2 Everyone is wandering around on this planet just as lost and confused as the next person, and probably looking for those very answers in vain.

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    @OpakeArawra2 Right.

    So you just go around insulting people that have different beliefs than you? Eh?
    What exactly does one achieve from that?

    I don’t think it’s fair to look down on people are call them PANSIES just because they’re not afraid to admit that NO we DON’T know all the answers one way or another. On either side/scale/extreme.

    In my opinion that’s the safest fucking stance to hold in this plane of existence thank you very much.

    No one has the answers.

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    @UniQueLyEviL an agnostic is an atheist who doesn’t want to hurt god’s feelings. just in case. because agnostics are pansies.

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    @ANTIanitmetalclub That’s an INCREDIBLE quote! Thank you for sharing! As an Agnostic I *love* that!
    I just found out about this guy like….ten minute ago and I’m already in love. I can already tell. I’ve heard TWO songs, and I already know.

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    “I don’t believe in God, but I’m also not an atheist. Because the universe is chaos, would chaos pick favorites?”

    Genius. It also made me realize that I agree 100% with that statement. Damn, music and words can be so powerful sometimes.

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    awesome, i love this song