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20 Jul 10 You Suck at Photoshop #5: Select Color Range

MORE: Donnie’s self-discovery vacation heats up. By the megaton. 2008 Webby Award Winner Best How-to Series Best Comedy Series – People’s Voice Best How-to Series – People’s Voice

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Reader's Comments

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    I actually learn from these videos….. xD

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    i love how he added a fake story to a great tutorial.

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    hahaha… I love you man!.. best photoshop tutorial series I ever seen! XD

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    XD a tropial paradise turned into a hell with explosions

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    That was hilarious! xD

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    really funny

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    Excellent ,I love you Donny, Please show how you sent the hammock to yourself soo funny you are.Pay no attention to the humorless haters

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    @Halaryoos I did not ask any question you brainless cunt so why are you answering? second of all you’d be the last fuck on earth I would ask anything…More, no need to swear as I was not addressing you ignorant sarcastic fuckig fucker!!!
    Have a nice day! 😉

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    @michanio77 No need for sarcasm you ignorant fuck, I was just answering your question. Now go die in a hole.

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    dony is musturbating!XD

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    @Halaryoos WOW! Really?! You’re such a smart boy…I envy you!

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    “no i can hear him breathing…and clicking” rofl!!

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    @michanio77 Its not a real tutorial, you so dumb.

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    Needlessly vulgar. STupid. No reason for it. Wow. If he thinks that makes him cool, watch out.

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    wow i learned i was gonna use that damn wand now im not

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    @Mellowbuzz1974 yep, I sure did post on every single video in this series. (not true at all). You sure pay close attention to things. So I’m not “trolling.” And I can’t call people I don’t know names, but you can? That’s….something….(I call it hypocritical and crazy.) Everything you said in that post is wrong, including the spelling of the word “whether”. Good for you, though.

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    Do/show more, talk less…

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    @ordinarygirl2424 Yeah…….right. No…an idiot to me is some stupid ass that posts on every single video in a series to argue with a bunch of people she doesn’t know about weather or not this is Dane Cook. Fact of the matter is…it’s a great series, despite who it is. So…stop trolling and calling people that you don’t know names- it really shows your intelligence.

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    “and go grab a juice box and a fruit rollup” dot com

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    @Mellowbuzz1974 sorry to hear that you are an uniformed idiot.

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    “You Suck At Photoshop is a series of online Photoshop tutorials with adult-themed humor designed by Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch of the Big Fat Institute for Advanced Interactive Design and hosted at My Damn Channel. “

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    Did you people who actually believe it’s Dane Cook look up Troy Hitch and Matt Bledsoe?

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    It was my mom who called, sorry.

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    @ordinarygirl2424 my bad, i just figured that because he was in the last episode, sounds exactly like him, and has the same sense of humor. Just put two and two together. :)

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    @ordinarygirl2424 Haha…Dane Cook is great! I love these videos.